The Galaxy Gear has been in development for a while. Lee Young Hee, the executive vice president of Samsung, said last March, "We've been preparing the watch product for so long."


According to the trademark application, the device offers Internet and email access, and can make and receive phone calls.


Rather than stand alone, the Galaxy Gear is expected to act as a companion device to the Galaxy S family of tablets and smartphones. 

Galaxy Gear


Galaxy Gear


Samsung has laid the groundwork for its potential entry into the much-hyped smart-watch



Wristwatches have fallen out of favor in recent years as more people turn to their cellphone to tell the time

Great Design




It can be used as a multi-functional watch, Android app interface and phone remote control.




No Official Date

Although no official reveal date has been announced for Samsung's Galaxy Gear, rumors say that the watch will premiere at a Samsung event on Sept. 4


Samsung Galaxy Gear

a "wearable digital electronic device in the form of a wristwatch," alongside AppleGoogle and Microsoft.


operating system

As for the operating system, there's a clear hint from the Galaxy tag that the smartwatch is likely to be running on Android.


The design

Pictures detailing the design of the watch appear to show that Samsung is planning to release a gadget "with a body made of flexible displays and elastic materials that can be used while wrapped around a wrist or flattened out",



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